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Accelerate Greater Charleston

Accelerate Greater Charleston (AGC1) was launched in 2012 to maximize our area’s future development through a set of strategic regional advancement initiatives. Metro Charleston, experiencing an economic renaissance, called for private and public sector leaders to collectively make sound investments to increase our region’s competitiveness, positioning our businesses and communities for long-term success.

More than 100 investors responded to the call, raising $4.2 million to accelerate progress toward a stronger business climate and a larger workforce; the two targeted areas of greater promise for competitive success.

The achievements of the first five years of the Charleston Metro Chamber’s Accelerate Greater Charleston plan are unparalleled. Our metro area’s upward trajectory has been focused and purposeful as a result of the strategic priorities comprising Accelerate Greater Charleston.


None of this would be possible without the investment by businesses and individuals who are dedicated to positioning our region for accelerated success. [View Investors]

Accelerate Greater Charleston 2

Accelerate Greater Charleston 2 will dynamically build on AGC 1’s strong results, adding a new set of timely regional advancement initiatives. [Learn More]


Archived AGC Updates

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