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Nearly a million visitors are expected in the Charleston region to watch the moon pass between us and the sun during the
Great American Eclipse of 2017.

As your friends and family gather to watch this once in a lifetime event, and inevitably start talking about traffic and how many people are moving here, you might take the opportunity to shed some light on one of the region’s most frequently quoted, but often misunderstood, stats – the one that says 48 new people a day are being added to our region.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The tri-county region is growing by an average of 48 people per day, but only 35 of those arrive in moving trucks. The other 13 are delivered by the stork.
  • While that seems like a lot, when you do the math, you find that equals out to a 2.3% annual growth rate.

That’s solid growth consistent with our strong economy, not a population explosion.

Have fun and stay safe this eclipse weekend.

[Bonus: Mashable put together a little Eclipse playlist on Spotify, but you can always do what we’re doing and play Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse (of the heart) on repeat.]


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