The Advocates: Irma’s Reminder

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We can breathe a sigh of relief and be grateful that Hurricane Irma only brushed the region Monday, though she brought with her tropical storm force winds, rain and a powerful storm surge.

This wasn’t the big one, but a shift in Irma’s course could just as easily have delivered devastation in our region that could have surpassed the damage left in Hugo’s wake.

Charleston probably can’t engineer its way out of all flooding. We live in a coastal area that lies mere feet above sea level. However, we can push forward on projects like the Crosstown drainage system that we know will reduce nuisance tidal flooding and mitigate the worst storm impacts.

We can’t stop hurricanes from threatening the coast, but we can ensure there are adequate evacuation routes to get people to safety.

Residents of James and Johns Island are particularly vulnerable to getting trapped on our roadways or cut off from services during a major hurricane. A completed Mark Clark Expressway would help make sure that everyone in our region has the ability to get out of a future storm’s path.

We’ve all made the choice to build our careers, businesses and lives in this beautiful corner of the country and hurricanes (and even some flooding) come with the territory. That doesn’t mean we should just throw our hands up in surrender. We can still be as prepared as possible to face these challenges head on.

Learn more about the region’s vital projects by reading the Chamber’s Infrastructure Priorities report and keep reminding your state and federal elected officials about our most pressing needs.

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