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The Advocates: The Labor of the Commute

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As we enter the Labor Day weekend, consider how many of us get up each day of the week and travel to another part of the region to work.

Very few of us live near where we work, so we’re all hitting the roads around the same time every morning and subsequently hitting a wall of traffic. Below you can see a snapshot of how much traffic is moving in and out of each county on a daily basis.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

We have several significant employment centers, but as the numbers show, many of us don’t live close to work. Not because we don’t want to, but in many cases, it’s not an option. What’s the solution?

More housing options at a range of price points, which could actually:

  • shorten commutes
  • allow some people to walk or bike to work
  • reduce overall traffic

But getting that mix of housing would require more density, infill development and cutting the fees and red tape that adds cost to consumers.

Doing those things, of course, would take a lot of political courage. Something to ponder the next time you’re sitting in traffic.

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the long weekend.


Ian Scott,
Senior Vice President of Advocacy

Follow Ian on Twitter @IanScott843

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