The Advocates: The Whole Ballot Counts Next Tuesday

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No one reading this needs a reminder that there is a big election on Tuesday, November 6. You can’t watch T.V., check social media or drive to a meeting without seeing candidate messages urging you to vote.

But we all could use a reminder that the contests at the bottom of the ballot are just as important as the biggest races. Contenders for statewide and congressional offices may have the most ads, but knowing the candidates for school board are equally important… maybe even more important.

Hiring and retaining skilled workers is a top priority for businesses in every sector across the region. The K-12 public school system is probably the most critical section of the talent pipeline. Elected school board members set policy direction, approve budgets and work with superintendents to drive better education outcomes for students and the community.

Will your elected school board members align around the right goals and push for consistently better student outcomes year after year? Or will they chase education’s “fad of the moment” and use their elected position to advance personal priorities? You should know before you enter the voting booth.

Not sure which school board candidates best reflect your values and share your priorities? The Charleston Metro Chamber PAC (CMCC PAC) has endorsed school board candidates for Charleston County School District and Dorchester County District 2.

Those endorsements are based on surveys and interviews with candidates to understand their perspective on governance, decision making, career and technical education, student achievement gaps and other critical education issues. The candidates endorsed by the CMCC PAC understand that driving real improvement in public education demands a clear vision, teamwork and persistence.

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Ian Scott,
Senior Vice President of Advocacy

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