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Career Headlight

Charleston Regional Career Headlight Links Our Region’s Workforce, Education and Job Market

Career Headlight contributes to the implementation of the Talent Demand Strategy completed in 2014 by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce with support from the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, Trident Tech and the Trident Workforce Investment Board.

A key recommendation of the strategy is to provide better career information to students and adult workers about the changing demands for workforce and skills in our region.

Career Headlight fills a gap in our region because:

  • Employers want a better way to match people’s interests with the skills required for available careers in the region, and link them to local education and training.
  • Communities want to retain their workers and young people when they graduate, and the region wants to retain its talented workforce.
  • When career seekers pursue areas of high job growth in the region, it supplies local business and industry with needed qualified workers.
  • It provides a one-stop resource that covers occupations and education programs across our region.

Career Headlight is Fast and Easy to Use

Features include:

  • An award-winning software platform (NADO Innovation Award) that provides:
    • Up-to-date county-level job demand and education data.
    • Top careers ranked by salary, growth, and other metrics for each county or sub-region.
    • Careers filtered by level of education required (one-year certificate, two-year Associate’s, etc.) and career field (medical, business, etc.).
    • A list of educational institutions and their certificate and degree programs matched to each career.
  • A two-minute survey that lets users pick their top skills on 20 sliders and see a list of matching careers.
  • A user-friendly interface with:
    • intuitive dashboards
    • user-manipulated sliding scales and dropdowns
    • tablet-friendly design
  • The ability to bookmark education and career choices, using a password- protected account.

Financial support is provided by Charleston Metro Chamber, Charleston Regional Development Alliance, Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments, and the Trident Workforce Investment Board.