Funding our region's solutions

First launched in 2012, Accelerate Greater Charleston was created to maximize our area’s future development through a set of strategic regional advancement initiatives. Metro Charleston called on private and public sector leaders to collectively make sound investments to increase our region’s competitiveness, positioning our businesses and communities for long-term success through the five-year campaign.

More than 100 investors responded to the call, raising $4.2 million to accelerate progress toward a stronger business climate and a larger workforce, the two targeted areas of greater promise for competitive success.

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Accelerate Greater Charleston 2

In 2017, the Chamber launched Accelerate Greater Charleston 2, the follow-up campaign to Accelerate Greater Charleston. The new investments into AGC2 dynamically build on the strong results of the first campaign.

Advancing Global Competitiveness

These factors will affect our region’s ability to retain and attract businesses, grow and compete for talent and positively shepherd our future economic prosperity. Having raised $1 million per year for three years, AGC2 is propelling the region’s continued advancement as a globally competitive metro.



  • An increasing high-demand talent market
  • Regional growth requirements and issues
  • The need for collaborative, multi-sector decision-making
    at a much higher speed and higher precision
  • Why Accelerate?
  • Why the Chamber?
  • Why now?

Why do we need Accelerate?

Our region needs a well-defined, multipurpose strategy to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Accelerate Greater Charleston is that plan.

Why the Chamber?

Our business members expect us to lead the way by charting the community’s future course. We are the best organization to work across all sectors to deliver alignment and collaboration.

Why now?

It’s simple – the Charleston metro is on the world stage. AGC 2 is a dedicated plan to assure that over the next three years, we can leverage and propel the significant accomplishments achieved in Accelerate Greater Charleston.

In Their Words

AGC2 will make a transformational impact on our region, showing what we can accomplish when we choose our vision for the future and set the process in motion to achieve it.

Jonathan Zucker, The InterTech Group, Inc.

Did You Know?

Accelerate provides the funding for key Chamber staff – including our Government Relations and Talent Advancement teams – allowing us to propel our work to advocate for a healthy business climate and bridge the talent gap.

Meet the Government Relations Team

Senior Vice President of Government Relations
Ian Scott
Associate Director of Government Relations
Scott Barhight
Business Lobbyist
George Ramsey
Director of Regional Government Relations
Erica Wright

Meet the Talent Advancement Team

Senior Vice President of Talent Advancement
Tina Wirth
Associate Vice President of Career Preparedness Programs
Suzi Raiford
Director of the Center for Business Research
Jacki Renegar
Associate Vice President of Talent Pipeline Strategies
Robin Willis

Accelerate Team

Chief Development Officer
Adrian Cain
Vice President of Development
Shea Sinclair

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