Rent, and mortgage, is too darn high!

Attainable Housing

The Challenge

The cost and availability of housing have become critical issues for regional employers and employees. These factors contribute to longer commute times and make employee retention more challenging. To accommodate projected growth and allow businesses to thrive, our region needs more housing supply, more choices, better proximity to transit and job centers and more attainable options at every income level.

The Facts

The Charleston region is adding jobs and population at an impressive pace. We’re growing by 38 net new people per day and conservative estimates project 26,000 additional new jobs over the next five years. Wage growth is also strong, increasing by 12% on average from 2010-16.

Yet over the same period, the median home sales price increased by 27% while rental rates increased by 49%. Typical residents now spend 57% of their income on housing and transportation while low-income residents spend 71% of their income on the same.

The Solution

There is no silver bullet to solve our housing challenge. Public, private and non-profit entities will have to collaborate to build a policy framework and development climate that can deliver the housing options we need. If we speak with a united voice, the business community can bring attention to these issues and push collaboration forward more quickly.

Not sure what to say? – Here are some tips on communicating with elected officials.

Become a Champion Advocate

Champion Advocates are grassroots leaders working to change public discourse by spreading a positive message about our region’s growth and development. Mobilization includes engagement on social media, with personal networks and occasionally in front of elected councils to share facts about the region’s progress and reinforce the need for smart policies and planning to accommodate our future growth.

Become a Champion Advocate