Advocating for one our region’s top economic drivers

Supporting our region’s military

Our region is home to Joint Base Charleston and more than 40 separate military commands with more than 13,000 uniformed service members representing all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. But did you know that more than 4,000 civilian federal employees are also critical to executing the missions at Joint Base Charleston? In fact, the military community generates 1 out of every 12 jobs in South Carolina.

Strengthening the relationship between the community and military, working to support the military and their families and expanding the federal footprint in the region are top priorities of the Chamber.

Military Allies

Did You Know?

The Military has a $24.1 billion total statewide economic impact, which is 8.4% of economy, and a $10.8 billion impact on the Charleston region.


Military Policy Council

Formed in 2001, the mission of the Military Policy Council is to develop and implement an overall strategy to expand military and homeland defense facilities and operations in the Charleston region. Members are invited to participate.


  • Develop and implement an overall strategy for base/unit retention.
  • Identify opportunities for expansion of existing facilities and possible new missions that could be realigned to Charleston.
  • Develop and implement a communications strategy for communicating to federal, state and local officials.
  • Serve as the central point of contact in the region for military retention and expansion activities.
  • Maintain strong relationships with area commanders and personnel at existing military facilities.
  • Raise public awareness of military impact on economy.
  • Work through the S.C. Congressional Delegation, South Carolina Military Base Task Force and state and local officials to ensure retention and expansion of area military facilities.

State Lobbying Priorities

The 2020 Legislative Agenda includes military-related priorities that urge the legislators to:

  • Fully exempt military retirement benefits from state income tax.
  • Ensure that development of offshore wind energy facilities does not threaten the mission, training or operation of state military installations.
  • Change the Military Service, Education and Credentialing Act to make it more efficient for transitioning military families to earn professional licenses in South Carolina.
  • Support drone restrictions near the Joint Base Charleston airbase to protect the safety of their mission.


Download our 2020 Legislative Agenda to learn more about our lobbying priorities for the military and beyond.