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How old are CYP members?

CYP members are typically between 21 to 40, however, we don’t card!

How often does CYP meet?

CYP will have at least one program every month of the year. We have several different series of programs that offer varying levels of information and development opportunities. We are split pretty evenly with purely networking, social based events and programmatic events with speakers and presentations.

We have morning programs from 8:00am – 10:00am and afternoon programs between 4:00pm – 8:00pm. Events are typically two hours long and our current program attendance ranges from 20-100, depending on the type and scale of event. Please check the calendar for upcoming events.

I have a job/event opportunity for CYP members. How can I share it with them?

Members of CYP may post announcements and job postings on the CYP Facebook Group.

The best way to find great candidates is by attending our events to regularly develop relationships with members.

Can CYP sponsor my event?

As a not-for-profit organization, CYP cannot use its funds to sponsor other community events.

Is CYP affiliated with other YP groups in the community?

We are not officially affiliated with any other YP groups in the Charleston area; however, many of our members also participate in those organizations, and we may post information about them when appropriate.

Is CYP just a way to socialize with other young professionals?

No. While building valuable connections with other young professionals is important, it is not the focus of CYP. Our purpose is to Build Community Leaders. To that end, professional development and community leadership are our priorities.

When will my membership renew?

For Individual Members, your membership will be up for renewal 12-months after your initial membership payment. You will receive an invoice two months prior to your renewal date alerting you to renew your membership.

For Corporate Members, your membership will automatically renew 12-months after you join CYP provided that your company is still an active member with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and provided that you have attended at least one event during past 12-months.

What happens if my company’s drops its Chamber membership?

If your company chooses not to renew its membership with the Chamber, you will no longer be eligible for a corporate membership. Before your CYP membership is canceled, you will receive and email giving you the option to transfer your corporate membership to an individual membership.

The individual application is located here: INDIV-APP


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