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The Navy the Nation Needs… for Global Security and Commerce

In collaboration with the South Carolina Maritime Association

The Navy has an enduring mission to protect and defend America and its interests worldwide. That means preserving peace and protecting the homeland, but a major part of protecting America’s interests worldwide is securing sea trade routes.

In this update, Rear Admiral Mustin will share the latest on how the U.S. Navy is accomplishing its mission and ensuring global security and commerce. This is your opportunity to learn about the status of naval forces worldwide, the next generation of technology and capability, and to understand how the U.S. Navy is addressing areas of concern from the Mediterranean to the South China Sea.

This can’t miss opportunity for any business leader involved in global trade and logistics is co-sponsored by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and the South Carolina Maritime Association.

Guest Speaker: Rear Admiral John Mustin, Deputy Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Navy

1142 Morrison Dr., Charleston, SC 29403

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