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FREE Webinar for Business Leaders – Sandler Training

WRITTEN BY mwaldrop 9 months ago

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Transform Your Sales Team with an Agile Execution Plan with Sandler Training by Peak Performance Management, Inc.

The B2B sales landscape is getting more and more complex. Trends like the millennial-driven workforce, sales technology, and account-based selling, present new challenges and opportunities. Sales leaders are in desperate need of more efficiency, improved effectiveness, and a unifying philosophy between sales strategy, execution plan, and accountability for results. Our sales, sales management, and leadership methodologies must adapt to our present realities.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How ensure that your strategy aligns with your team structure.
  • How to incorporate sales management practices for ultimate accountability in execution effectiveness.
  • How to practice a planning process that enables your sales team to be flexible and adjust to prospects’ needs.
  • How to identify the key sales behaviors to better forecast our present level of success and make needed changes.
  • How to develop a 90-Day transformation plan to “lean out” waste and inefficiencies in current sales process and practices.
  • Join us for this interactive sales leader webinar to learn agile principles that pay off– helping your sales team improve results, frameworks and methodologies, and enter the exciting future of B2B sales.


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