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Legislative Agenda

The Chamber’s Board of Directors adopts the annual legislative agenda each fall. The agenda is a set of goals the Chamber’s lobbyist works to achieve each legislative session. The agenda is recommended by the Business Advocacy Committee to the Board for approval. Issues on the agenda are developed in a number of ways, through the priorities identified by the Board, one on one meetings with Chamber investors, surveys of members, committees and task forces and by working with business organizations across the state.

The legislative agenda is a pro-active lobbying platform developed for the Chamber each year.

While setting the annual agenda is a process, it doesn’t prevent Business Advocacy from addressing issues that may arise in between this annual process. Business Advocacy operates under a set of Guiding Principles which are guidelines for the Chamber on where it stands overall. If issues come up that the Chamber needs to address, the Guiding Principles provides the guidance needed to respond.

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