Big Changes to Rivers Avenue

Something exciting is happening on Rivers Avenue…and it’s deeper than what you’ve read about in the paper.

A diverse group of business leaders, community liaisons, government staff and elected officials are working together to reimagine what the south end of Rivers Avenue can become.

The pending Lowcountry Rapid Transit line expected along this corridor in the mid 2020’s, including a multimodal hub and transfer station, will bring transformative change to this area. Reimagine Rivers is focused on encouraging investment and enhancing quality of life while mitigating displacement of existing residents.

Earlier this year, Charleston County, the City of North Charleston and the Coastal Conservation League co-sponsored an Urban Land Institute (ULI) Advisory Services panel to study the areas near the intersection of Rivers and McMillan Avenues.

This study assembled development industry leaders, urban planners, financiers, market analysts, designers, economists, architects and public officials to gather community insight and come up with innovative solutions for the complex challenges surrounding the U.S. Naval Hospital site.

Initial findings were reported last month.

The formation of this group grew out of that ULI study process and is working to keep progress moving.

The Chamber’s Government Relations team has been – and continues to be – involved in the conversations surrounding Rivers Avenue. While the target result is not in focus quite yet, the right people with the right motivations are in the room asking the right questions. I am confident that this effort will help create a revitalized corridor at the heart of our region that everyone can be proud of.

We look forward to keeping you informed and engaged as we work alongside our regional partners to Reimagine Rivers.

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