Chamber PAC Endorses Honeycutt for Charleston County Council

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (CMCC PAC) announces its endorsement of Jenny Costa Honeycutt for election to Charleston County Council representing district 9.

“Jenny Costa Honeycutt understands that limited investment in public infrastructure has negatively impacted the quality of life for residents of James Island and the whole region,”  said Chappy McKay, Chairman of the CMCC PAC. “That’s why she enthusiastically supports completion of the Mark Clark Expressway and is willing to work for solutions to complete other infrastructure priorities.”

Honeycutt is an experienced attorney with a healthy respect for individual property rights. An advocate for smart planning, she embraces the core values of choice, balance and stewardship described in the Chamber’s Sustainable Growth Ethic. She is a James Island native committed to serving constituents in district 9 who also understands the connection between local decisions and the continued economic prosperity of the entire region.

In order to be considered for endorsement, candidates completed a written questionnaire and participated in an interview with members of the CMCC PAC. During the process, they are asked about key issues facing Charleston County and the metro region including infrastructure, long-range planning and housing attainability.

After extensive review, the PAC Board voted to endorse Honeycutt for election based on her commitment to promoting responsible growth, advancing a strong business climate and her support for infrastructure investment, specifically the completion of the Mark Clark Expressway.

About the Chamber PAC:

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee is an autonomous organization that serves as the political arm of the Charleston Metro Chamber and is governed by an independent board of directors. The PAC’s mission is to evaluate and support candidates for local and state office who acknowledge, support and actively vote for pro-business policies and legislation.

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