Charter Signed for Lowcountry Defense Community Partnership Council

January 31, 2020

This morning, leaders from local governments, education institutions and non-profit organizations assembled on Joint Base Charleston to sign the organizing charter for the new Lowcountry Defense Community Partnership Council.

The ceremony was an important demonstration of our region’s deep commitment to support our men and women in uniform and strengthen ties with military leadership. But the real value comes from the work that follows.

While many know our long military tradition, too few know that that the military presence in Charleston is actually larger today than ever before. A 2017 economic impact study found that the armed services have a $10.6 billion economic impact every year on our region and support more than 68,000 jobs.

Ensuring that our military missions continue to thrive in the region is a top priority for the Charleston Metro Chamber because of that sizable economic and employment impact.

Supporting service members and our military missions isn’t a one-time event. It is a cross-sector commitment to open dialogue and mutual support. It is a mindset of partnership and problem-solving for the greater good. That’s why today’s Lowcountry Defense Community Partnership Charter signing is such an important step.

From shared infrastructure projects to shared service agreements; disaster response, medical care and workforce training. The possibilities for deeper collaboration between the military and regional entities are broad and deep. The Air Force’s new Community Partnership Program – which is the genesis of this new charter – makes those collaboration opportunities easier to pursue.

Our work together through the Lowcountry Defense Community Partnership Council can help ensure that military missions continue to thrive in the region. It can also help ensure that military service members, local businesses, communities and the Charleston region continue to thrive.

Quick update from Columbia: With the massive education reform bill on special order, all other legislation is in a holding pattern on the Senate side. 

Ian Scott
Senior Vice President of Government Relations

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