City of Goose Creek Passes Strategic Plan
Mayor Gregory Habib outlines strategic vision for the city of Goose Creek’s growth and development.

Always, always have a plan.”
Rick Riordan, New York Times Best Selling Author

Goose Creek City Council may have had these words in mind when they unanimously passed its Strategic Plan during last week’s City Council meeting.

A collective effort of Council and staff, this plan outlines six desired outcomes, each accompanied by clear strategies, that the City wishes to achieve in the year ahead.

With a healthy median household income, affordable home and rent prices and competitive development timelines, Goose Creek is well-positioned to achieve its goals – establishing itself as a great place for families and businesses to thrive.

Through the Investment Opportunity Study (IOS), our Chamber is actively partnering with the City on the fulfillment of three goals outlined in the strategic plan:

  • Increase economic activity
  • Guide growth intentionally
  • Increase regional and statewide engagement

Specific IOS deliverables include promoting increased adoption of development process best practices including electronic filing and permit tracking, identifying and advocating for infrastructure enhancements and policy changes to promote creation of a City Center, identifying opportunities for growth of new employment centers and redeveloping existing commercial space and exploring transit-oriented development opportunities related to Lowcountry Rapid Transit.

With the effective leadership of Mayor Habib, members of City Council and staff, we look forward to checking the box on many of these partnership priorities in the months ahead. 

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