Cunningham talks trades and tariffs, Big things for SC Entrepreneurs

This has been a big week on the local and state level. Here in the Lowcountry, Representative Joe Cunningham visited the Chamber boardroom and met with a large group of business leaders to discuss the impacts tariffs have on our region’s businesses and jobs. At the State House, entrepreneurs pushed to reauthorize the Angel Investor Tax Credit and received a favorable report from the Senate Finance Committee.

Talking Trade and Tariffs with Rep. Joe Cunningham

“Manufacturing a product impacted by tariffs is like holding a bad stock. It’s easy to know that you’re being hurt, but it’s hard to know when to sell.”

That analogy sums up the prevailing sentiment shared at a business roundtable on trade policy this week. At the meeting, Congressman Joe Cunningham talked with leaders from many of the region’s largest manufacturers to learn how recent international trade disputes have impacted their investment and hiring decisions.

A Big Week for South Carolina Entrepreneurs

This week at the State House, three different legislative panels debated the merits of reauthorizing the Angel Investor Tax Credit. This is a Chamber priority issue because funding is a challenge for many start-up companies, which often don’t qualify for typical business loans.

This legislation is having a major economic impact on South Carolina and improves our entrepreneurial ecosystem by reauthorizing and expanding an existing tax credit to those willing to invest in early stage companies.

Since the inception of the act in 2013:

  • $175,837,118 in capital has been raised
  • 238 qualified businesses have been funded
  • 661 full-time jobs and 208 part-time jobs have been created
  • Full-time jobs created averaged a salary of $60,230
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