Get Involved in Local Elections: VOTE ON NOVEMBER 5!

We often get asked, “How can I get involved in the Chamber’s government relations work?” We love it when folks will call lawmakers or join us at council meetings. If you’re interested in opportunities to get involved on social media, with personal networks and occasionally in front of elected councils, you can sign up to become a Champion Advocate.

But there is an easier thing every Chamber member (and every citizen) should do – get involved in local elections!

Did you know that in 2017 only an average of 1,049 people voted in each district in the City of Charleston? The margin of victory was 142 votes on average. There is no place that your vote will have more of an impact on your family’s daily life than in a local election.

Here are three easy ways that you can get involved in this year’s local elections:

  1. Research the candidates
  2. Motivate a friend or neighbor
  3. Go together to the polls on Nov. 5

You’ll have to handle steps two and three on your own, but we can help you with step one.

The Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) has just completed a comprehensive review of candidates standing for the offices  in Summerville, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston and City of Charleston. Every candidate who filed for election was invited to participate in the PAC’s evaluation process, which includes a written questionnaire and an in-person interview. Leaders from Charleston Young Professionals and Local Area Chambers joined PAC Board members in the interview process.

After that thorough study, the PAC Board voted to endorse candidates who demonstrated close alignment with the Chamber’s top regional priorities: mobility, livability and business climate.

Here are their endorsement decisions:

Town of Summerville
  • Mayor: Bill Hearn
  • Council District 4: Bill McIntosh

Town of Mount Pleasant
  • Council-At-Large: Howard Chapman

City of North Charleston
  • Mayor: R. Keith Summey
  • Council District 4: Ron Brinson
  • Council District 5: Todd Olds
  • Council District 8: Bob King
  • Council District 9: Kenny Skipper
  • Council District 10: Michael A. Brown

City of Charleston
  • Council District 1: Angela Black Drake
  • Council District 3: James Lewis
  • Council District 5: Karl Brady
  • Council District 7: Keith Waring
  • Council District 11: Bill Moody

By now, you’re probably thinking we omitted the City of Charleston’s Mayoral race. We can assure you that we didn’t.

To bring focus to top priorities including mobility, housing, livability and flooding, the Chamber Political Action Committee has partnered with the College of Charleston Graduate School and ABC News 4 to host the only televised Charleston Mayoral Forum of 2019

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