Improving Academic Outcomes through Employer Partnership

Back to School Season

The first weeks of school are full of nervous excitement, new schedules and, of course, more traffic. It is a time for teachers and students, parents, guardians and administrators to lean into the academic year with renewed purpose and energy. It is also a time for employers to step up to support students and partner in improving educational outcomes.

Here are just a few ideas to consider:

Offer enhanced flexibility – New routines and increased traffic can make for stressful mornings for your employees who have school-age children. Offering flexible scheduling can go a long way in reducing their stress.

Update workplace policies – Consider updating your attendance policies to allow employees time to participate in teacher conferences and other student success activities during the work-day. Improve employee morale and engagement by allowing time to volunteer in schools as reading tutors, mentors or career experts. Not only can a caring adult impact the daily lives of students, he or she can also help to steer students to careers in high demand. Check out some of the ways your employees can engage with middle and high school students around work-based learning.

Highlight educational success – Children of parents who achieve academic success are far more likely to follow in their footsteps. Recognize employees who have gone back to school to earn certificates or degrees; such recognition elevates the importance of education within your business and in our region. Some companies even recognize the academic achievements of employees’ children.

Leverage your business – Your people, practices and physical building are incredible resources for schools. Start a job shadow program or become a host employer for a Youth Apprentice. Offer up your facility for use by teachers to meet with families for parent-teacher conferences. Volunteer the expertise of your employees to our region’s career academies and career educators.

Back to school isn’t just a time for students and teachers to sharpen their pencils—business leaders can lean in as well.

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