Investment Opportunity Study Expanding
Photo Credit: City of Hanahan

It’s alive!

While that iconic quote is credited to the 1931 classic motion picture Frankenstein, it accurately sums up how we feel about the Chamber’s Investment Opportunity Study. It’s alive, active and it’s expanding.

Less than two months after its release, the Investment Opportunity Study has expanded to include the City of Hanahan.

With a healthy median household income, relatively affordable home and rent prices, competitive development timelines and a high workforce participation rate, Hanahan is well-positioned for economic growth; and that is precisely what our Chamber and the city’s leadership will collaboratively work towards.

The partnership priorities, agreed upon by the Chamber and the city’s leadership, include:

  • Maximizing the City’s potential in preparation for Lowcountry Rapid Transit
  • Strengthening alignment, coordination and cooperation with the City of Goose Creek and the City of North Charleston
  • Identifying opportunities for growth of new employment centers and Town Center
  • Supporting reinvestment and redevelopment of aging housing stock

Our confidence in executing these priorities is, in large part, due to Hanahan’s leadership. Elected in 2018, Mayor Christie Rainwater is an active Chamber partner who is attending to the current needs of residents while simultaneously looking to expand the city’s tax base by attracting new businesses.

We will move full speed ahead in tackling each priority and, because we recognize the value in strong public-private partnerships, will tap many of you for your input and expertise.

Stay tuned to hear more from us – and Mayor Rainwater – on how Hanahan is responding to the growth and needs of our region. We’re pretty sure you’ll like what you hear.

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