Mark Clark Expressway Funding

After session ended on Tuesday, the Ways and Means met taking up numerous bills. One of those was the reauthorization of the Angel Investor tax credit H.3210 where they gave it a favorable report moving the legislation to the floor where it will be debated next week.

Speaking of floor debate, on Wednesday, the Senate voted on S.185 – the Senate version of Angel Investor reauthorization. By a vote of 39-2, the Senate gave second reading to the bill. On Thursday the Senate gave S.185 it’s third and final reading moving the bill over to the House ahead of the crossover deadline.  

On Wednesday morning, the Joint Bond Review Subcommittee met to hear testimony on the funding plans for the completion of the Mark Clark. Subcommittee members are Senator Thomas Alexander (Chairman), Senator Paul Campbell, Representative Leon Stavrinakis and Representative Gary Simrill. On Wednesday they heard from the SCDOT and the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank on the amended Intergovernmental Agreement between those parties and Charleston County. The subcommittee left feeling like the funding plan was a good one with little liability for state taxpayers. Next week they will hear from Charleston County concerning their portion of the funding plan. We hope that if things go well, the Subcommittee will give a favorable report moving the project back to the full Joint Bond Review Committee. 

Finally, on Monday evening the Charleston County legislative delegation held a meeting where they were going to vote to replace the vacancy on the CCSD school board now that Michael Miller won election for Register of Deeds. There were seven candidates who applied for the vacancy but only two contenders had blocks of votes – former Charleston Metro Chamber Board Chairman Chris Fraser and Erick Jackson. After the final vote, Chris won the seat by a narrow margin. Please thank Senators Campsen, Bennett and Grooms, as well as Representatives Sottile and Bennett for their support of Chris.

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