Mayor Haynie Offers 2021 Update on Mount Pleasant

In a recent Government Relations Update, Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Will Haynie, discussed what they are working on, how the area fared during 2020 and answered great questions from participants.

Here are a few of the top highlights:

  • Mount Pleasant has a weak Mayor form, the Mayor presides over Council and there is an Administrator that runs the town – They have a higher density per square mile in comparison to surrounding communities
  • Overall, the town is fiscally well after COVID and did not cut any crucial services in 2020
  • Here are a few of the major Public Works Projects that they are focused on getting in front of before they became a major issue:
    1. North area public service
    2. Connecting Long Point Rd to Rifle Range
    3. Expressed the need to create a grid pattern for traffic
    4. Old Mount Pleasant drainage fix
    5. Council came up with a plan to fund drainage repairs and updates forever with a two millage increase
  • They are experiencing a shortage of nurses, hospitality workers, and retirement community workers
  • There are two workforce housing projects on the way (one just had a groundbreaking ceremony: Gregory Ferry Towns)
  • They would like to increase the supply of workforce and affordable housing
  • Mayor Haynie sits on the CARTA board instead of appointing someone from council because he sees the importance of LCRT
  • Wants businesses to know there is great opportunity for business leaders to own a business and raise a family in Mount Pleasant

Check out the full recording of the Government Relations event below and stay tuned for future Government Relations updates!

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