Motivation and Focus

Ever wondered what drives your Chamber’s Government Relations team?  What we wake up every morning thinking about?

This short video below captures our motivation and our focus better than text ever could.

Mobility, Livability and Business Climate. At every level of government and in every jurisdiction, those issues dominate for us because they’re the biggest concerns for employers.

Mobility means completing infrastructure projects to move people and goods quickly, safely and efficiently. The Chamber’s Infrastructure Priorities Report articulates the needs and provides a clear roadmap for the future. Our region is making progress on most of these projects, but we can’t take our foot off the accelerator.

Livability means better aligning housing and land use policies to improve quality of life for all residents. Having a safe, comfortable home you can afford within a reasonable commute of a good-paying job is the biggest quality of life factor. For too many families, the Charleston region isn’t delivering the right housing options. Hundreds of decisions by local governments each year can make housing more or less attainable. We’re working to help drive more pro-housing decisions.

Business Climate means legal, regulatory and tax system reforms that strengthen our region’s competitive advantage. Business friendly can’t be an empty buzzword. It should be an operational ethos by government that encourages private investment and puts a premium on clarity and efficiency for all processes and costs. We lead the pack in some aspects of business climate, but trail in others.

Want to lend your voice in support of solutions for Mobility, Livability and Business Climate? Consider becoming a Champion Advocate. The Chamber’s Champion Advocates are grassroots leaders working to change public discourse by spreading a positive message about our region’s growth and development.

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