Priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session: Diving Deeper into the 2020 Legislative Agenda

January 10, 2020

Next week, the 123rd South Carolina General Assembly will convene for the second year of a two-year session. Discussions about education policy and the future of Santee Cooper are poised to dominate much of the session. But with every member of the legislature up for election in 2020, expect the unexpected.

The Chamber’s 2020 Legislative Agenda identifies 10 Priority Issues we want to see passed this year. We build our annual priorities as an ambitious, yet achievable, list the legislature can tackle.

The Agenda also includes seven longer-term Competitiveness Issues we hope the legislature will keep top of mind. These items are important to the state’s economic health but will likely take more time to address.

Military base retention and expansion draws a lot of focus in the 2020 Agenda for good reason: the armed services represent a $24.1 billion annual impact to the State. In the Charleston region alone, the military accounts for $10.8 billion annually and more than 68,000 jobs supported. Ensuring the continued viability of our military missions and making South Carolina the most attractive place in the country for retired service members is a top priority.

We’re also pushing priorities in other top areas such as our state fiscal health, education and talent, entrepreneurship, taxes and regulations and workforce housing.

I talked to Willis Cantey, Chairman of the Board, about some of the Priority Issues on this year’s Agenda. Watch the video below to learn more.

A conversation between George Ramsey, Senior Director of Legislative Relations, and Willis Cantey, Chairman of the Board, about the 2020 Legislative Agenda.

I encourage you to take a moment to review the 2020 Legislative Agenda and our Guiding Principles, which are a set of standing positions that have been developed through the Chamber’s business advocacy process and adopted by the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

george ramsey

George Ramsey
Senior Director of Legislative Relations

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