2 Tips to make the second week of 2019 even better

Have you already joined the Broken Resolution Club? Is it time to give up and call it for the year? Maybe not yet. Here are two tips to help make the second week of 2019 even greater than the first week:

  • Give yourself a guilt-free reset on those resolutions. If you’ve already skipped the gym or grabbed a burger instead of eating that kale salad, don’t beat yourself up. Just start fresh on Monday and keep pushing.
  • Get yourself to the Legislative Reception on January 10. There is no better opportunity to thank 70+ state and regional elected officials for their service. You’ll also have a chance to reconnect with literally hundreds of business community leaders you might not have seen for months.

Many experts say that you’ll have more success if you divide large goals into more manageable pieces. Instead of saying you’ll get more involved in 2019, make a plan for one part of your life (like going to an event like Legislative Reception) that will help you take a single, strong step towards that goal. Focus on those tasks in sequence and watch your progress aggregate.

Ian Scott,
SVP Government Relations

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