Partnership Opportunities at Work

I’ve always had a deep sense of pride to work for the Charleston Metro Chamber.

To me, metro underscores the concept of regionalism; working together across municipal boundaries and organizational barriers to collaboratively address challenges and capitalize on opportunities regarding infrastructure, education and attainable housing for all Charleston area residents.

With 38 net new people being added to our population each day and our expectation to hit one million residents by 2030, we need to engage the entire Charleston region around sustainable growth and development. Enhancing quality of life as we grow demands focus from every municipality and county in our region.

The Investment Opportunity Study, a new effort organized by the Chamber’s Developers Council, is helping do just that.

Focusing on our three counties and six principle municipalities that comprise the Charleston Metro Region, this study explores key factors that investors use to assess opportunities in our region. Included in the study are demographic, economic and real estate market data, as well as information on the development approval process.

Goal: Create a fact-based platform for long-term partnership between the Chamber and local governments on shared priorities.

During the past few months, our team has had the privilege of engaging with staff and elected officials from the City of Goose Creek, Town of Summerville and City of North Charleston around the Opportunity Study. Given the success of these initial meetings, we have great expectations for our upcoming meetings with Town of Mount Pleasant, City of Charleston and City of Hanahan and are equally optimistic about engaging with the three counties early next year.

During our initial discussions, the one word that predominately sticks out is opportunity.

The opportunities that exist in these local jurisdictions have the potential to exponentially enhance the vitality and economic well-being of our entire metro region.

Some opportunities identified include:

  • the creation of a city/lifestyle center
  • developing and promoting Class A office space
  • preparing existing high-traffic corridors for Lowcountry Rapid Transit.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to come is a pervasive desire to partner. Every city and town official that we met with proudly shares their long-term vision for and their desire to collaborate with the business community and other municipal partners throughout the region.

We will use The Advocates to dive deeper into some of these partnership opportunities during the next few months. In the meantime, I would encourage you to get to know our region. Our entire region. We have a pretty cool place here.

Erica Wright,
Director of Regional Government Relations

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