Reboot the Commute

Good news: The Wando bridge on I-526 is set to reopen this weekend.

Even better news: We can make traffic better every day by sticking to our new routines.

The Wando bridge closure necessitated widespread changes in commuting behaviors. Many employers accommodated flexibility to promote ridesharing/carpooling, biking and walking, adjusted work schedules and remote work opportunities.

Let’s not lose the momentum.

Those steps made a real difference while the bridge was closed. They can continue to make everyone’s commutes better after the bridge reopens.

If you adjusted your schedule to start early and end early, keep doing it. If you carpooled with a neighbor or colleague, keep doing it. If you spent the first hours of the workday being productive at home, keep doing it.

With more than 50,000 new jobs since 2010 and the corresponding population growth that comes with economic prosperity, our region’s housing supply and transportation network has felt the strain. Leaders region-wide are working to improve infrastructure and address housing attainability, but there is no magic wand. Practical solutions, like those we all adopted during the Wando bridge closure and those being promoted by Lowcountry Go, have to be part of our future.

The Chamber is supporting the Reboot the Commute effort, a community-wide effort in partnership with the Charleston Regional Development Alliance and One Region. Look for a survey next week designed to collect all the changes commuters have made in recent weeks.

Let’s Reboot the Commute!

Ian Scott,
SVP Government Relations

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