Updates on Infrastructure from DC Fly-In

The two-day Virtual DC Fly-In wrapped up yesterday afternoon after a series of successful meetings. Even with the shift from in-person to virtual, our delegation was able to meet with key leaders at the Coast Guard, Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Air Force and with our entire Congressional delegation.

This year’s DC Fly-In had two major themes: transportation and military.

Transportation Update

Our delegation of 30 business, civic and government leaders convened in the Chamber boardroom on Thursday afternoon to meet virtually with key leadership at the FTA to lobby for funding for Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LCRT).

Leadership at the FTA said the breadth of support for this project in the Lowcountry is notable and requested that the BCDCOG keep working closely with their local FTA contacts. It was said that the LCRT project reflects some of the best bus rapid transit (BRT) practices and we should be on the lookout for ratings to come from the FTA in February.

The next meeting was with the FHWA to advocate for federal funding for local county projects including the Mark Clark Extension, US Highway 78 Phase III, US 176 widening and many others. Leadership at the FHWA seemed confident that there is still a pathway for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass.

This significant investment in infrastructure would require public-private partnerships to be successful. The FHWA encourages the private sector to come to them with ideas to close the infrastructure gaps.

Overall, the transportation meetings were a tremendous success. We were able to forge partnerships with key leaders at top government agencies, discuss the region’s transportation needs with our elected delegation and bring our region together to advocate for our transportation infrastructure.

Stay tuned to next week’s Advocates for an update from the military meetings at DC Fly-In!

Have a great weekend.

Bailey Vincett
Government Relations Coordinator

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