Vote Alert! Proposal to Create a Small Business Relief Fund

June 18, 2020

As you know, our community is hurting because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption of daily life. Small businesses have suffered from closures and the economic downturn, and they need help. 

The General Assembly returns to Columbia next week to debate how to spend the $1.9 billion South Carolina received from the CARES Act. The Charleston Metro Chamber – and the 20+ partners who signed on to the GrowSC Agenda – believe that some of that money should be used to assist small businesses in recovering from the downturn and lockdowns. Small business organizations from across the state created a proposal to use $100 million for a small-, minority-, and women-owned business grant program.

Establishing a relief fund will boost our state’s recovery efforts by giving small business a much-needed lifeline for protecting employees and customers. Other states such as Idaho, Montana, and Texas have created similar programs. We need your help. Please contact your House and Senate member and ask them to support using some of the CARES Act funding for small business relief. Ask them to help our economy by thinking big, being creative and acting as a partner to restart our economy.

Robert Brown House District 116 843-889-8835
Krystle Matthews House District 117 843-310-8755
Joe Daning House District 92 843-553-9288
Wendell Gilliard House District 111 843-402-9710
Lee Hewitt House District 108 843-652-4236
Lin Bennett House District 114 843-571-6330
Con Chellis House District 94 843-873-1584
Joseph Jefferson House District 102 843-567-4386
Mandy Kimmons House District 97 843-697-1304
William Cogswell House District 110 843-577-2088
David Mack House District 109 843-760-0198
Nancy Mace House District 99 843-580-6223
Chris Murphy House District 98 843-832-1120
JA Moore House District 15 843-640-0130
Mike Sottile House District 112 843-886-8759
Sylleste Davis House District 100 843-729-9243
Leon Stavrinakis House District 119 843-573-0491
Marvin Pendarvis House District 113 843-225-2520
Sean Bennett Senate District 38 843-821-3009
Paul Campbell Senate District 44 843-569-0089
Chip Campsen Senate District 43 843-722-0123
Stephen Goldfinch Senate District 34 843-385-4302
Larry Grooms Senate District 37 803-212-6400
Marlon Kimpson Senate District 42 803-212-6132
John Matthews Senate District 39 803-829-2383
Ronnie Sabb Senate District 32 843-426-4138
Margie Bright Matthews Senate District 45 803-212-6108
Sandy Senn Senate District 41 803-212-6116

Thank you for your help with this big ask! Have a great weekend.

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george ramsey

George Ramsey
Senior Director of Legislative Relations

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