Weather (and other) Delays at the State House

February 7, 2020

This week at the State House was a bit slow for our 2020 legislative priorities. The House subcommittee, tasked with business license fee reform, cancelled their planned meeting on Wednesday. However, we understand they plan to meet next Wednesday and likely have the votes needed to streamline the process and make it uniform statewide. We will keep you posted.

The Senate continues to debate the education reform bill, which is on special order. Progress has been extremely slow going as opposition continues to propose amendments to the legislation. Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey advised the body to pack a lunch next week as he plans to bring them in early and hammer through the bill. It should make for an interesting week.

We also are hearing rumors that the plans on what will happen with Santee Cooper could be delivered to the Governor, the Speaker and the Senate President very soon. We will update you on any movement there.

Finally, both the House and Senate adjourned early yesterday with the threat of severe weather. Leaders in both chambers wanted to make sure their members got home before the weather hit. Next week should be busy in both chambers.

george ramsey

George Ramsey
Senior Director of Legislative Relations

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