Why the Investment Opportunity Study Matters to You

Why should you care about the recent Investment Opportunity Study?

It’s all in how you look at it. You need to think of the study as a mirror. And we all know mirrors don’t lie. By compiling demographic, economic and real estate data, along with information on the development approval process, we can see ourselves the way a prospective investor sees us.

Basically, it keeps us in check. We need to be seeing ourselves from the audience’s perspective. In this case, that’s the investor. If not, we’ll focus and invest in areas that don’t work towards improving the Charleston region.

You don’t have to be an investor in our community to see value in this study.

Right now, it’s easy for the Charleston region to believe its own hype. A clear-eyed look at our core metrics will more clearly reflect our opportunities – opportunities to better leverage assets, to strengthen our policy climate and to streamline processes.

When we start to see our communities as an investor sees them, we can better position ourselves to achieve whatever future we envision.

View this great study here.

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