BoatLIFE Celebrates 60th Anniversary

BoatLIFE, the pioneer in the marine sealant industry, has proudly manufactured a wide range of premium products in the USA for 60 Years!

One of BoatLIFE’s first products, Life-Calk® Polysulfide Sealant was launched in the early 1960’s and to this day the same formulation has an amazing track record for consistently performing well in a variety of applications.

Over the last 60 years the line has expanded to include caulks, sealants, cleaners, waxes, compounds, and epoxies. Throughout the years BoatLIFE has maintained continuous and rigorous quality control over every facet of its manufacturing process. The company is priding itself in never moving any manufacturing to another country or outsourcing it but instead building the business in the US only, first in Long Island, NY and then starting in the 1990’s in Charleston, SC.

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