NIWC Atlantic Prize Challenge

The Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic under the Palmetto Technical Bridge (PTB) will be hosting a PTB Prize Challenge Rodeo 2022 Event on September 15th, 2022 in Charleston, SC.

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NIWC Atlantic Public Affairs is seeking innovative ideas that will offer solutions to optimize their existing website and NIWC Atlantic-specific content on social media platforms in order to reach a larger stakeholder group, different demographics, and develop an ecosystem of persistent communications. How can NIWC Atlantic better optimize and improve their existing web presence and content to increase communication effectiveness? How does NIWC Atlantic leverage their existing platforms to better connect to a small business, such as the Garage Band Start-up technical companies in places like Portland Oregon, Boise Iowa, and Marshfield Missouri?

  • Organization: The NIWC Atlantic Public Affairs team leverages a WordPress platform to share regular news and information to industry partners and stakeholders on information warfare technology. Our goal is to highlight how NIWC Atlantic is solving the top information technology challenges for America’s warfighter. NIWC Atlantic team shares a social media presence with other Navy Information Warfare-focused organizations and utilizes the shared platforms to push news, events and opportunities of interest to stakeholders.
  • Platforms/Tools: WordPress (; NIWC Atlantic specific content can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter[SDWJCS61] [CSECUNAS(2] via @NAVWAR on All Platforms and via  Tools: Google Analytics for metrics analysis.

Current Constraints/Limitations:


Teams will be evaluated through a two-stage approach.

  • Website Limitations: Limited to working within the constraints of WordPress 5.9.1 and Government Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGd) systems.
  • Social Networking Limitations: Social networking platforms in most cases are shared with other Navy commands and entities, with the exception of the Palmetto Tech Bridge LinkedIn page. We are looking for input specifically on NIWC Atlantic content.
  • Stage 1: During the first phase, teams can pitch their proposals via a virtual government version of Microsoft Teams meeting through a 30-minute or less oral presentation/pitch inclusive of illustration materials ideas on how to address NIWC Atlantic’s problem statement on August 24 OR August 25. Teams will be evaluated during both stages using the criteria listed below.  
  • Stage 2: The top six pitches will move on to Stage 2. During Stage 2, teams will present in-person their final pitch, to include a demonstration of capabilities and strategy as part of a presentation lasting up to 40 minutes (e.g. 20 minute presentation with a 20 minute questions and answers period). Electronic presentation materials must be provided at a minimum of 96 hours in advance of the Prize Challenge Rodeo on September 15th. Each of the six pitches are guaranteed a monetary award, regardless of placing.

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