Chamber PAC Backs Proven Leaders for North Charleston City Council

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (Chamber PAC) is pleased to announce the endorsements of Ron Brinson, Todd Olds, Bob King, Kenny Skipper and Michael Brown for reelection to North Charleston City Council.

In order to be considered for the endorsement, candidates completed a written questionnaire and participated in an interview with members of the Chamber PAC. During the process, they were questioned about key issues facing North Charleston and the metro region including: infrastructure, long range planning and housing attainability. After extensive review, the PAC Board voted to endorse five incumbent candidates with proven leadership track records.

“All of the candidates endorsed by the Chamber PAC support a positive business climate and are aligned with the Chamber’s pillar priorities: mobility, livability and business climate,” said Chappy McKay, Chairman of the Chamber PAC. “All are committed to serving constituents in their districts and they understand the connection between local decisions and the continued economic prosperity of the larger region.”

In addition to alignment with the Chamber on critical issues, each candidate was endorsed based on their individual experience.

Ron Brinson, running in District 4, has an established history of pragmatic leadership in North Charleston. As the Chair of the City’s Finance Committee, he understands that a business-friendly attitude and strong business growth helps maintain lower property taxes for residents. An avid supporter of regionalism, Councilman Brinson understands the importance of engaging with elected leaders across the region to collectively solve housing and infrastructure challenges.

Todd Olds, running in District 5, understands the need to work regionally to implement infrastructure solutions that will enhance livability for residents of North Charleston. A strong supporter of Lowcountry Rapid Transit and the Palmetto Commerce Parkway Interchange – two of the Chamber’s top infrastructure priorities – Councilman Olds supports opportunities to address the region’s attainable housing crisis.

Bob King, running in District 8, has been instrumental in numerous projects that contribute to the economic prosperity of North Charleston. Projects include; the GARCO development in Park Circle, Palmetto Commerce Parkway and the Mixson development. He is an avid supporter of mixed-use development near job centers to mitigate sprawl and expand housing opportunities.

Kenny Skipper, running in District 9, recognizes that housing affordability is a critical issue, and he is committed to working on solutions to the housing shortage. He also embraces Lowcountry Rapid Transit as a way to foster connectivity throughout the region.

Michael Brown, running in District 10, has a proven track record of serving as a bridge between local government, residents and the business community. He understands the advantages of growing in a smart way and embraces appropriate high-density, mixed-use development solutions to expand housing opportunities and mitigate traffic.

All of the candidates running for North Charleston City Council are passionate about serving the public. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee believes the five candidates it chose to endorse are the best candidates based on their likelihood to support decisions that promote enhanced mobility, livability and a strong business climate.

Erin Aylor, Vice President of Marketing

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (Chamber PAC) is an autonomous organization governed by an independent  board of directors. Its mission is to evaluate and support candidates for local and state elected office who are aligned with the business community’s top priorities: mobility, livability and a strong business climate.

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