2020 Kicks Off with Powerful Momentum for YP's

If your New Year’s resolution is to get more connected with your CYP community and learn more from leaders in our region who have been where you are, CYP Kick Off was the place to be on Tuesday evening.

At CYP Kick Off on January 14, over 100 young professionals joined together at The Alley downtown to connect with one another and enjoy delicious food and drinks while kicking off the year with 2020 Chair, Robyn DuRant, and hearing from keynote speaker, Earl Grant, Head Coach for the College of Charleston Basketball team.

As a Charleston native, Coach Grant sees incredible value in representing his hometown and talking with youth and those looking to better themselves. The road to his success isn’t over as he continues to climb in his professional journey, but he does have some great advice for young professionals at all stages of their career.

Coach Earl Grant, College of Charleston

Here are a few takeaways to remember during your career:

Having healthy relationships is the key to your success.

Through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, it’s important to have people in your corner. For Coach Grant, it’s his wife who keeps him grounded, but for you, it may be your friends, mentors or family members that keep you moving forward and not dwelling on things you can’t change. Success comes to those who can push past adversity and continue to be the best versions of themselves.

Your name is your brand.

What people say about you is important. What do you want people to say about you when you leave the room? It was clear that Coach Grant wanted his team and those around him to remember his passion for life, his dedication to his job and the love he has for people in his corner.

He warned against burning bridges. You never know when that person or organization will come back in your life again. That burned bridge may just be the one that would’ve gotten you your next big job opportunity or your next big break.

“Failing happens but dealing with adversity is great for your development and perseverance,” said Coach Grant. “Regardless of what you’ve dealt with in the past, choose for it to only make you better.”

Find a mentor (or multiple).

Regardless of career level, mentors can be instrumental to finding your success. Coach Grant’s mentors are from different professions and walks of life but have helped him through a lot of things he’s had to overcome. Mentors will be there to offer encouragement, knowledge and access to opportunities within their network. It’s a win, win, right?  

“Being a leader is lonely – developing your team and developing yourself is key,” said Coach Grant. “It’s important that mentors can be there to serve as a sounding board when you need it.”

Envision your career before it happens.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Look to where you want to be?” That’s exactly what Coach Grant did. As an Assistant Head Coach, he envisioned what he needed to do to be a Head Coach and continue his success. Now he has served as the College of Charleston Head Coach for more than six years and is grateful for his journey that brought him back to Charleston. Setting your own vision helps boost your confidence and makes it easier to identify each step and each lesson needed to get there. Begin 2020 with a vision for what you want the beginning of 2021 to be.

“When you climb, don’t look around you – look up,” said Coach Grant.

Thank you to College of Charleston One Year MBA for powering Charleston Young Prossionals and to The Alley Charleston for being our host sponsor.

We want to keep the positive momentum moving in 2020 with many of our events and connection opportunities. Stay tuned to our Events Calendar for future events!

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