Meet Our Newest Staff Members

We are so excited to welcome three of our newest staff members to the Chamber crew! Craig Logan is our Executive Housing Fellow, Chelsea McCracken is our Director of Accounting and Jason Bateman is our Executive Fellow of Military Affairs!

The Charleston Metro Chamber recognizes that the cost and availability of housing are a regional issue impacting employers and employees. For this reason, they have continued to include attainable housing as one of their legislative priorities. To accommodate projected growth and allow businesses to thrive, our region needs more housing supply, more choices, better proximity to transit and job centers, and more attainable options at every income level.

To lead and build a coalition for the region around attainable housing, the Charleston Metro Chamber is pleased to announce Craig Logan as Housing Executive Fellow. In his role, he will be organizing the Regional Housing Coalition in order to elevate the awareness of attainable housing needs throughout the region. His focuses include increasing public knowledge around attainable housing, increasing supply of attainable housing across the region and increasing regional collaboration.

“We are thrilled to have Craig as an Executive Fellow,” says Scott Barhight, Senior Vice President of Government Relations. “Housing attainability is a critical issue in our region that contributes to longer commute times and makes employee retention more challenging. Having Craig organize and lead the Regional Housing Coalition will be a key step in ensuring that we are gaining community awareness of the issue and building long-term solutions for housing.”

Chelsea McCracken has joined the Chamber team as Director of Accounting. In this role, she will oversee general accounting functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, internal financial reporting, daily and monthly account reconciliations and cash flow management in accordance with internal and external controls, regulations and standards.

“I am so excited to have Chelsea on our finance team,” said Laurie Carter, Senior Vice President of Finance. “She brings a positive energy to the organization and has great attributes that I know will help her excel in this position and ensure that our Chamber’s finances continue to operate smoothly.”

Strengthening the relationship between the community and military, working to support the military and their families and expanding the federal footprint in the region are top priorities of the Charleston Metro Chamber.

To identify and enhance our region’s military retention and expansion efforts, the Charleston Metro Chamber is pleased to announce Jason Bateman as Executive Fellow of Military Affairs. In his role, Bateman will study the regional ecosystem of how military personnel and spouses access employment opportunities throughout the region. He will also investigate opportunities to position the Charleston metro as a top choice for retiring military members throughout the Defense Department system.

“We are thrilled to have Jason as an Executive Fellow,” says Adrian Cain, Senior Vice President of Leadership and Community Development. “Military is one of our region’s top economic drivers and we look forward to learning more about how we can better serve military families and ensure that our region has the resources and community they are looking for to stay even after their service to our country is complete.”

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