2021: A Year to Set Goals and Stick With Them

Are you a rockstar that sets goals and accomplishes every single one of them, year after year? I applaud you, because I definitely do not fall in that category.

If you are like me, you may look at setting goals as a daunting task that is easy to set aside to do what is most pressing at the moment.

After hearing from Ryan Cass, Founder of Won Day, and Jon Clark, Founder of Success After Graduation, during Feburary’s YP Fuel, I realized that my current perspective doesn’t have to be my future perspective.

They started off the discussion with something that I think eased some of the attendees’ apprehensions (including mine)… goals do not have to be difficult.

The discussion led to Ryan and Jon giving us reasons why you should set goals and how to build a system that works for you.

Goal Setting is all about your Why

It’s important to know why the goal you are setting is important to you. First, you need to figure out what goals you want to focus on; then after identifying clear goals, you develop a drive to work towards them, which ultimately gives you direction in your life.


There’s a million things going on in our brains and it’s very easy to get distracted and lose sight of something you are working towards. Take the time to identify what your goal focuses will be and use them as your foundation.


Once you focus in on your goals and write them down, it starts to shift your behavior. You will gain a new drive to work towards those goals.


Once your focus areas have sparked the drive to accomplish those goals, you can begin to set a direction and clear-cut path. Your six-lane highway of information in your brain becomes a single road that leads you to your specific goal. Similar to a GPS, you type in your destination, or your goal, and it identifies the steps to get you there.

Something important to remember when identifying your goals…you don’t always have to have the same goals as the people around you or in your circle.

The more attached to your goals you are, the higher likelihood you will accomplish them.

Build a System that works for You

Regardless of your system, you need to write or type your goals out so that they are visible. Expert tip from Ryan and Jon: place your goals in an area that’s prominent so that you are reminded of them often.

Identify what’s important to you by breaking your goals into categories – no more than 4-5. Your goals could be around your career, family and friends, health, money, physical environment or any other categories that are important to you.

Find out how to measure the success of your goals – is it a timeline or is it more quantifiable like finances?

Once you’ve built your framework, you may find yourself slipping or not making the progress you expected on a goal. If you feel this way, audit yourself to understand why, and then work towards making up for that lost time and being more intentional about the steps to accomplish your goals.

Another great way to hold yourself accountable is to identify your personal “Board of Directors” or group of people that hold you accountable.

I’m extremely grateful for Ryan and Jon and their helpful tools to make developing goals less daunting. My first plan of action: write down my goals for 2021. Better late than never, right?

If you are interested in learning more about goal setting from these two great Charleston Young Professionals leaders, check them out!

Ryan Cassryanacass@wondaytoday.com


Jon Clarkjon@successaftergraduation.com


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