A Discussion with 2021 CYP Chair, Maggie Wickey

Tell us more about yourself

I am the community and public relations manager for South Carolina Federal Credit Union. I lead our community involvement efforts to ensure that every dollar invested in us is put back into the communities we serve. I also manage our media relations, social media and communications strategy.

When and why did you get involved in CYP?

I got involved with CYP in 2018 after I moved to Charleston from Chicago. I didn’t know anyone in the area, so I joined CYP to meet people outside of my workplace. The relationships I’ve built because of CYP (both personal and professional) are incredible, and they make Charleston feel more like home. I’m so thankful I joined CYP when I did because this group has been invaluable in keeping me connected here.

As Chair, what are the top 5 things you would like to see for CYP in 2021?

I’m excited to start doing some “normal” things again this year – i.e., attending in-person meetings, going out to happy hour with friends, leisurely hunting for gems at the Mt. Pleasant Mall. I have high hopes for CYP, but the top 5 things I’d like to see most are:

  • Programming that’s tailored to young professionals and our current needs/challenges. Our lives have changed a lot over the past year, so I love that CYP focuses on topics that are timely and relevant. For example, our upcoming event “Gamestonk” is all about how to get started investing and the intricacies of the stock market.
  • A mix of hybrid and safe in-person events. I can’t wait for the day when we won’t have to ask if an event is virtual or in-person, but the reality is that we are still in a pandemic environment. I think CYP and the Charleston Chamber have done a great job of leveraging virtual event options and slowly offering in-person events that follow COVID health and safety guidelines.
  • Opportunities to give back to our community. Watching people come together to help others in need and thank essential workers has been one silver lining of the pandemic. I’d love the opportunity to get together with other CYPs to volunteer or host a food and supply drive – anything we can do to help fulfill an essential need!
  • Meaningful connections among our members. I want CYP to be the place where you can always make the connection you need, whether you’re job hunting or starting a side hustle or just trying to make friends in the area.
  • Diverse speakers and panelists. The Chamber is an active champion of diversity, equity and inclusion, and it’s critical that everything we do in CYP mirrors those efforts. Making sure that our speakers are diverse in race and gender and ensuring that we’re attracting and supporting a diverse membership are two things that are top of mind for us this year.
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