Gamestonk: Stocks and Investing

It seems like everyone is talking about stocks. Are you curious about how to get started investing? Is investing in stocks the right decision for you? What stocks should you pick? Will what happened with GameStop happen again?

If you’re wondering about these questions and more, join us on April 29 where Clay Thornton, Financial Advisor at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP will give us insight into the basics of the stock market and how to get started investing. He will cover everything from investment app options to what to look for when choosing a stock. Clay will also explain the details behind GameStop’s volatility and what a beginner investor should take away from it.
In-person attendees are invited to join us for a happy hour following the program. The stock market can be intimidating… but Charleston Young Professionals is not! Come hang with us!

Featured Speaker:
Clay Thornton, Financial Advisor AAMS/AIF, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

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Gamestonk: Stocks and Investing for Young Professionals