Aeon World is looking for an Executive Assistant

This is a fast paced, dynamic environment that is challenging, demanding, and
ever changing, but also incredibly rewarding. No two days are alike, and there’s
never a dull moment. The most successful candidates will have the ability to
engage in multiple priorities with successfully self-governed follow through and
flexible, collaborative work style. You’ll be a critical part of a challenging, diverse
creation process that’s built to engage you, push you, and reward excellence at
every level.

We are looking for an Executive Assistant to work side-by-side with our CEO. There
is potentially no other person in the company that would be contributing more
directly to the Company’s overall success than the person in this position,
● Are you highly intellectual and resourceful?
● Do you perform at a level that’s above-and–beyond?
● Do you have exceptional communication skills?
● Are you self-motivated and driven to be the best, have an active approach to
problem solving, and have strong researching and project management skills?

If so, we can promise that you’ll never receive another offer like this one.
AEON isn’t like most companies. We stand behind our team members who strive
for excellence and provide benefits and opportunities greater than 99% of the
companies in this nation. In return, we expect:
● for the quality of your work to be consistently excellent,
● any results you present from research (etc) to be flawlessly accurate,
● for you to share our love for the company, believe in its success, and focus
on doing your part to help it achieving that success (the company’s success
equals your success),
● for you to challenge and push yourself to be the very best version of
● for you to consistently improve and continue learning.

This is not for those individuals that start watching the clock at lunchtime, devise
ways to miss as much work as possible, and take advantage of all the freedom and
flexibility we give our people.

We are seeking individuals who are independent, comfortable with growth and
change, proactive, efficient, and possess the ability to see the “big picture” while
simultaneously handling the day-to-day. Personality and the ability to work within
a cohesive unit is a must. Strong organizational skills, verbal and written
communication skills, attention to detail, and flexibility are essential.

This position and this company are exclusively for individuals that push themselves
everyday to be something greater, who want to achieve something incredible, and
who are never satisfied with where they are today. Those people will find a home
at AEON, and we assure you, you will go farther, achieve more, and succeed on a
level you never thought possible. If you take the time to see the big picture, once
you get it, that will be all the motivation you’ll ever need.
Additional Details

AEON works with local, state, and federal agencies regularly and some projects
may be classified secret. You may be required to undergo a confidential
background screening by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in order to
maintain security clearance for those projects.

As a new team member starting work at AEON, you will be required to wear many
hats during your preliminary 90-day probationary period. During that time, you
may be asked to spend some of your time working on Company-building exercises,
skills training, and/or a potentially varying number of unrelated tasks in addition to
your core Executive Administration responsibilities, which would typically include,
but may not be limited to the following:
● Direct communication and information flow to/from CEO;
● Conduct research on a diverse array of topics and synthesizing findings into
● Able to effectively communicate the needs and direction of the CEO to the
Directors within the Company;
● Must be technically savvy and be proficient with standard computer usage;
● Prioritize all communications and respond on behalf of the CEO;
● Schedule personal/business appts, meetings, and business travel;
● Take detailed notes on behalf of the CEO;
● Maintain a calendar including reminders of appointments;
● Keep track and organized electronic files and paperwork;
● Prioritize tasks as needed;
● Run errands as needed.
Representing AEON
● Respect and faithfully adhere to AEON’s core values of excellence;
● Maintain working knowledge of AEON’s projects, activities, and operations,
as well as, local, regional, and global newsworthy issues;
● The vast amount of AEON’s projects are confidential during their
development. All team members are required to sign a global nondisclosure
agreement and will be required to keep all privileged information
regarding AEON’s operations confidential.
● Alignment with AEON’s purpose statement and core values related to
nondiscrimination and the treatment of all with whom we’re involved;
● C-level Executive Assistant experience or experience in a related business
field for a minimum of 3 to 5 years required;
● Impeccable oral, written, and editorial skills;
● Ability to build consensus and translate complex ideas;
● Strong computer skills preferred, minimum general technical
comprehension required;
● Ability to pivot and/or adapt to quickly changing needs or requests;
● Ability to thrive under pressure;
● Proven track record of overseeing the successful completion of projects and
meeting deadlines;
● Ability to work independently and/or collaboratively with diverse groups of
● Commitment to the values and mission/purpose of the organization and
creating a positive, mutually respectful, successful working environment for
all involved.
Pay Range and Benefits
● Monthly/Quarterly Performance-Based Bonuses
● Company-Matched Roth IRA Investment Program
● Generous PTO (Paid Time Off)
● Annual Company Retreat (Plus One)
● Company-Sponsored Team Member Support and Elevation Program
● Gym Memberships/Personal Training/Yoga
● Therapy and Life/Career Coaching
● Professional Development Opportunities/Continuing Education
● Specialist Certifications
● Passes/Tickets to Shows and Events
● … and much, much more

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $50,000.00 – $75,000.00 per year

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