Thrive Speaker Encourages Women to Be Bold

Finding your career path, your power and success requires continued growth. Having the support to help guide your growth can make all the difference.

For those that are lucky to find them, mentors can be key to guiding your personal and professional growth. They can give you the confidence and ownership you need to take yourself to the next level. Everyone is dealing with their own challenges and to have someone who is supportive, encouraging, sometimes harsh and understands your full potential can be a powerful tool.

“Talent, skills and mentors are the perfect recipe for success,” said Kenya Dunn, Founder & CEO of the Power-Filled Woman.

Dunn, an accomplished leader, author and business coach has started a coaching and training organization, Power-Filled Woman, to continue being a mentor to women and minorities and to help countless people grow their careers and start businesses.

As featured speaker for the sold out Thrive luncheon on August 8, she empowered women to inspire others and encourage mentor relationships; not just with the women in your circle or women in your industry, but women and men from different backgrounds. You’ll find that you grow more by going out of your comfort zone.

Dunn empowered us to be bold.

She stressed that women should never forget to honor who they are and to be proud of what makes them different. Don’t be afraid to make others accountable and ask tough questions when things don’t sit well. Choose to be competitive and compassionate and identify unchartered territory even if it’s not the most popular choice.

“I wouldn’t have the success that I do without my great mentors,” said Dunn. “They reminded me to not be afraid to ask the tough questions and that it’s okay to make mistakes.”

If you are looking for a mentor or to better your mentor skills, these three characteristics have proved to Dunn to be invaluable for growth.


Someone who takes their time and resources to invest in who you are and what you want to accomplish is priceless. Investors are willing to share skills, knowledge and expertise with those rising through the ranks, remembering what it was like to be in the mentee’s position and encouraging them to grow. This mentor relationship offers the confidence to make the hard decisions and not be afraid to ask questions.


Having a mentor that is truly vested in growing your career is powerful. They take time to learn about your performance, introduce you to other parts of the business that you aren’t particularly responsible for and make the time to talk about your personal life. This mentor is invested in the whole person.

Room Maker

Being a room maker means knowing that whatever your title or designation, you deserve a spot at the table. They will be in your corner to defend you, because they believe you are valuable and want the room and everyone in the organization to see it. A room maker sticks their neck out for you because he/she trusts in what your abilities are and credits you for making the organization better.

All three of these mentor characteristics are like M&Ms – you shouldn’t have just one. You need a cabinet of people that have skills in different areas that can support you and help you grow. Having the “yes” men and women around you leave you stagnant and not working to your full potential.

Jamie Tozzi, Chair of Thrive: A Professional Women’s Series, left event attendees with a challenge and I want to continue the challenge with you: Be deliberate, Be proactive and Be bold.

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