Blackbaud is Helping to Bridge the Computer Science Gap

Blackbaud has been busy.

Besides being one of the fastest growing software companies in the Southeast, Blackbaud continues to be a leader in the Charleston area. Especially with TEALS.

TEALS partners with schools and teachers to make computer science accessible to every student. Supported by Microsoft Philanthropies and founded in 2009 by a former high school Computer Science teacher, TEALS is now in 29 states. In South Carolina they were only in three schools, two of which are in the Charleston region. For 2018-2019, there will be five schools. TEALS’ goal is to put computer science in every school.

And fortunately for Charleston, Blackbaud continues to support TEALS. For the upcoming school year, the Daniel Island-based company is leading the way with 13 volunteers covering three out of five schools. Each volunteer is offering their talents to help foster a new generation of software engineers and developers. With more and more technology companies moving to the Charleston metro area, it just makes sense to invest in the community.

“We are deeply rooted in Charleston and I can’t think of a better way to invest in our future than to bring CS to our local schools in hopes of sparking their interest and hopefully seeing how they can change the world with technology,” said Chris Mitchell, Senior Director of Engineering. “I’m also excited about this program for our employees because I think it helps them reconnect with their roots in CS, grow their mentoring skills and learn how to give back to their local communities in a way that could have a huge return in the future.”

With TEALS and Blackbaud continuing to drive solutions, it is easy to see why Charleston is attracting the greatest companies and brightest talent.

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