Talent Demand Study: Is This a Big Deal?


It’s a huge deal. As the area’s economy continues to transform from a service-based to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) economy, employers are finding it difficult to find talent for those growing sectors.

This 2018 update to the original 2014 Talent Demand Study shows us the fastest-growing and most in-demand occupation clusters but also assesses the gaps necessary to fill employers’ needs.

The Talent Demand Study is important to our Chamber members because it gives us a longer view of our talent needs moving forward. Once we see the issues we can begin, and continue to, ready our local workforce to meet those challenges. Members need to look at what’s going on and understand how they can help contribute to regional workforce initiatives.


  • In the next five years, the Charleston Metro Area will add nearly 35,000 new jobs.  The current forecast is 32% higher than the 2016 study’s five-year job growth prediction.
  • 80% of this job growth will be in 10 specific occupations, including: Production & Mechanical, Hospitality, Medical, Business Operations Support, Software & IT, Personal Services among others.

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