Volunteers Needed for 4th Annual Bridge Walk

One of the most powerful ways to learn is to step outside of the classroom and into the real world. That’s why the Bridge Walk for students started four years ago. The event takes place on the Ravenel Bridge and is a favorite for both students and teachers.

The students are from local area high schools and are taking a sequence of four to five engineering courses.  We will break the students into small groups of 8-10 and take a walk under the bridge from the parking lot to the water and talk about the building of a bridge, the many, many collaborations that occur working with the Town of Mt. Pleasant, the City of Charleston, the counties, the State of SC and the port…all at once. Students will learn the answers to engineering questions like:

  • How did they pour the concrete for all the pilings?
  • How did they decide what kind of drainage to use?
  • What did they do to protect the bridge from a ship hitting it?
  • How did they take down the old bridges?

For each walk, we would like to have a mix of civil and structural engineers. That’s where you come in.

If you are a civil or structural engineer or a bridge inspector and you would like to volunteer to help on the Bridge Walk, please contact Robin Willis at 843.805.3031.

Bridge Walk Dates and Times

  • March 16 (8 volunteers needed)
    Wando MSE, Stall STEM and Ashley Ridge STEM (57 students)
    9 a.m. –  noon
  • March 23 (8 volunteers needed)
    Summerville STEM (88 students)
    10 a.m. – noon
  • March 30 (8 volunteers needed)
    Cane Bay STEM and Hanahan Stem (70 students)
    9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
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