We, the People, have spoken...

November 6, 2020

Unprecedented numbers of citizens have voted. America has spoken. Will we listen? Will we listen to those who passionately desire to preserve our institutions and traditions to sustain our communities? Will we listen to those who care deeply about the victims of oppression? Will we listen to those who are willing to fight for our individual liberties? 

We all feel the polarization in our nation. As of this writing, the hard-working election administrators are still counting the votes that will determine our next President. Sincere thanks to the real heroes of this election, the poll workers and election administrators who have quietly and efficiently delivered our democracy. 

Even as the votes are still being counted, some things are clear. The majority of pollsters were wrong – a Blue Wave was replaced by a Red Tide, and the American people have, yet again, deliberately selected a divided federal government. Regardless of who is President, there will not be a mandate for extreme measures. The word “compromise” will need to be reintroduced into our political lexicon. Hopefully, that compromise can deliver fast and effective vaccine distribution, relief for families and small businesses and, dare I say it, an infrastructure bill.

Congratulations to Senator Lindsey Graham and Congresswoman-elect Nancy Mace on races well run. And congratulations to the 19 Champions of Business in our State Delegation, all of whom won re-election. Thank you for you support.

Congratulations to all the local county council, city council and school board members who won their elections. Please know that the Charleston Metro Chamber and its 1700 members stand ready to assist in any way we can to support our local governments and school boards.

One final thought. Take note of what might become one of the main stories of the election in retrospect, namely, the success of female candidates.  Nationally, we see record breaking numbers of Republican women elected to Congress. We also see evidence of the success of women locally where they swept the elections for Goose Creek City Council and Charleston County School Board.

Now back to the internet to follow the count…

Scott Barhight
Senior Vice President of Government Relations

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