Metro Leadership Visit Group Returns with New Ideas and Relationships from Seattle Trip

71 business leaders returned to Charleston after a two-day immersion into Seattle for the 2016 Metro Leadership Visit (MLV). Tours, receptions, VIP discussions and more gave the travelers an inside look at global companies including Microsoft, Boeing and the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Learning Seattle’s path and experiences in commerce, transportation infrastructure and the maturation of aerospace and technology hubs provided information and lessons that can be tailored for the future of metro Charleston.

Just as rich, are the relationships developed among the diverse group of travelers; leaders of companies are small and large, public and private, and representing nine different industry segments.

As the trip concluded, Chamber Chairman of the Board Scott Woods encouraged the group to “share the significant investment of your time with others by telling the story of what you learned this week. Help us continue to speak with regional business and elected leaders of the powerful knowledge we gleaned on collaboration, innovation and business culture.”

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