Re-Boarding Your Workforce

The time away from being in the office is slowly shifting. More and more companies are opening and bringing employees back into the workplace.

Returning employees will be emotionally, mentally and potentially physically different than when they left on furlough or to work from home. How you navigate this “Re-Boarding” process will be critical to re-engagement and culture.

This webinar focuses on three critical issues that all employers will face:

  1. How will the company sustain financially during this time and how do I know that I won’t be a victim of the times?
  2. How will the company provide a safe space for me, both physically and emotionally?
  3. How will the company recognize my fears and pain?

In this webinar, Dr. Jean Meeks-Koch, Ph.D. discusses the importance of “Re-Boarding” as it impacts your company’s return to the marketplace.

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