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To be considered for endorsement, candidates completed a written questionnaire and participated in an interview with members of the CMCC PAC. Throughout the process, they were questioned about their views on key issues facing the metro region including: housing attainability, infrastructure and long-range planning among other critical issues. After extensive review, the CMCC PAC Board voted to endorse these candidates.

There are a number of strong candidates running for City Council and all are passionate about serving. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee believes these three candidates are the best candidates based on their likelihood to support balanced, sustainable growth and vote in favor of a strong business climate.

“All of the candidates endorsed by the CMCC PAC support a positive business climate and are aligned with the Chamber’s priorities for growth. Each is committed to serving constituents in their districts but also understands the connection between local decisions and the continued economic prosperity of the larger region,” said Chappy McKay, chairman of the CMCC PAC.

Mount Pleasant Mayor

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Linda Page

Linda Page is a business owner and life-long resident of Mount Pleasant. She has served as Mayor since 2013, and before that served a term on Town Council.

Page has the experience and outlook needed to lead the town in a way that balances projected growth with infrastructure investment and fiscal sustainability

Mount Pleasant Town Council

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Kathy Landing

Landing is an experienced financial planner with extensive leadership experience on civic boards. She is focused on advancing practical solutions to housing attainability for workers in Mount Pleasant.

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John Mahoney

Mahoney is a Mount Pleasant native, environmental contractor, entrepreneur and formerly served on the Election Commission. He is emphasizing community engagement in the comprehensive planning process.

Millet 200x265

Rodly Millet

Millet is a 20-year veteran of the armed services and retired business owner. He currently serves on the Planning Commission and underscored the need to consistently follow zoning policies established through comprehensive planning.

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Tom O’Rourke

O’Rourke has extensive governance and municipal finance experience as the former head of Charleston County Parks and Recreation. He emphasized the need for creative mobility solutions and stressed fiscal sustainability.

Charleston City Council

SMassey 200x265

Summer Massey

District 10
Massey has a strong professional understanding of infrastructure planning and land use. She is also a leader in organizations and on boards across the region including the Chamber’s West Area Steering Council and Charleston Young Professionals network.

KShealy 200x265

Kevin Shealy

District 2
Shealy is a lifelong Charlestonian and business owner/operator for 18 years in West Ashley. He is highly engaged in civic and faith-based organizations and has local government experience as a former manager with Charleston County Parks and Recreation.


Kathleen Wilson

District 12
Wilson has deep institutional knowledge as the District 12 representative since 2005. She has steadily maintained views that are aligned with the Chamber’s priorities for growth while proactively addressing constituent concerns on James Island.

About the CMCC PAC

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (CMCC PAC) is an autonomous organization that serves as the political action arm of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. It is governed by an independent board of directors. Its mission is to evaluate and support candidates for local and state office who contribute to a positive business climate for the Charleston region and who actively vote for pro-business policies and legislation

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