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Past Chairmen

Being the Chairman of the Board for the nation’s oldest municipal chamber is no easy task. We honor and recognize the commitment and service of the men and women who have volunteered to take on the challenge of leading a vibrant collection of business leaders and staff towards a more prosperous and successful region.

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” – Howard Schultz


Year of Service

Thomas E. Thornhill 1963
Thomas J. Thorne 1964
G.K. Livingston, Jr. 1969
Gordan B. Stine 1972
Frank S. Hanckel Jr. 1973
Leonard C. Fulghum Jr. 1974
Avram Kronsberg 1975
C. Ronald Coward 1976
Ralph M. Hendricks 1978
Fletcher C. Derrick, Jr. 1979
Allen R. Carter, Jr. 1981
Vernon B. Strickland 1982
Joseph P. Griffith 1984
Montez C. Martin Jr. 1987
Charles T. Cole Jr. 1988
Thomas A. Blazer 1990
Frank E. Lucas 1991
N. Steven Steinert 1992
Elizabeth Marshall 1993
John M. Settle 1994
William A. Moody, Jr. 1995
W. E. Applegate III 1996
Manly Eubank 1997
Anita Zucker 1998
Y. W. Scarborough III 1999
Len Hutchison2000
M. William Youngblood 2001
Richard Elliott 2002
Keith Waring 2003
Peter Wertimer 2004
Wilbur Johnson 2005
W. Brian Moody 2006
A. Thomas Hood 2007
Thompson Penney 2008
Robert Collins, Jr. 2009
David Maybank III 2010
Robert Pearce, Jr. 2011
J. Ronald Jones 2012
Stuart Whiteside2013
Chris Fraser 2014
Laura Varn 2015
Scott Woods 2016
Patrick Bryant2017
Mark Lattanzio2018